Our Massage Services

Deep tissue massage

Our deep tissue massage helps release deep, chronic muscle tension. Therapists focus on the deepest layers of muscle, plus tendons and surrounding fascia.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, after experiencing a single deep tissue massage, blood pressure is reduced signficantly. Also, a 2010 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry analysis of previous studies found that massage treatments like deep tissue massage reduce heart rate and stress-hormone levels. Deep tissue massage increases relaxation and improves mood by triggering a release of serotonin and other factors.

After our deep tissue massage treatments, you’ll feel better and have more strength and agility.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is our specialty treatment with smooth, heated stones. We use the stones as an extension and leverage to our own hands. Our therapists also place the stones over target areas for specific results. Hot stone massage quickly warms up tight muscles, which means your therapist can massage more deeply.

Hot stone massage is an ancient technique, used by Native Americans on the Northern Plains of the US and Canada during wintertime. Stones heated in campfires were used to warm cold beds and massage sore muscles.

Here in sunny modern Tucson, hot stone massage is still the best way to relieve stiff, sore muscles. Our therapists can use this ancient technique to give you a new feeling of relaxation not available through shallower massages.

Foot reflexology

One of our most popular massages is foot reflexology. It’s important to understand that foot reflexology is much more than just a foot massage. In fact, it’s an advanced spa treatment in which your therapist focuses on target reflex points in the feet.

Our expert hands apply pressure to the target zones on your feet. Foot reflexology relaxes the body and reduces stress, which means a healthier lifestyle.

Swedish massage

This is the classic massage that most people think of when envisioning a “massage.” Formally introduced in Stockholm in 1821, the Swedish massage relies on long, gliding, relatively firm strokes of the therapist’s hands, as well as kneading of the muscles to some degree.

Swedish massage may also include stretching and vibration taps in order to help release tension from the muscles. Just as with most forms of massage, the Swedish massage requires that the therapist’s hand movements serve to help return venous blood toward the heart. This action improves circulation, especially when blood has been pooled in stiff muscles.

Combo massage

Our combo massage is a fusion of body and deep tissue massage, foot reflexology and Asian reflection techniques, all customized to meet your needs. The combo massage is focused on your back and shoulders, where it relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain. It’s a great way to improve your quality of life.